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St. Louis Center for Entrepreneurial Education

There is a great effort underway in St. Louis to promote critical thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset. At Medici MediaSpace, we believe in an abundance mindset and collaboration. It’s our belief that we achieve more when we work together, therefore we are hoping to organize all the educators and organizers in town who wish to teach, learn and spread the entrepreneurial mindset.

As one of the co-organizers and facilitators of Entrepreneurial Educators MeetUp, I want to share the very preliminary mission of the Center for Entrepreneurial Educators: 

1) Ensure continuous learning and improvement by establishing an active community of teachers who share and implement best practices for entrepreneurial education programs at the high school and college levels.

2) Support the entrepreneurial ideas and aspirations of those same educators! Can we help each other pursue startups, hobby businesses, create additional revenue streams, or otherwise help our members thrive? I am certain we can.