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When it comes to working, my confidence goes through the roof and I really enjoy myself if I understand two things: first, the rules of the game; and second, the skills I need to get things done.  This blog is designed to enable all of us to form a community and help each other do both.

“What is the truth about how the game of working for a living is set up?  Tell me what to expect and how to go about it.  Just tell me the rules, for crying out loud!  Okay, now that I know, I’ll build the skills and get things done.”

I’d love to hear what you think, but I believe the first inescapable truth about the world of work is that employers (if you want to work for someone else) and customers (if you own your own business) want the same thing.  Both types of “bosses” (employers and customers) want you to think, decide, and act like a successful entrepreneur.

Think about it.  The table below lists a sample of general activities (first column) that everybody must do in order to earn a living.  Entries in the table describe what form those activities take if you are an employee or an employer (business owner).

Activity Employee Employer (Business Owner)
Planning Write down your personal goals. Create a business plan.
Marketing Identify a list of companies that you want to work for. Segment the market, target a customer segment.
Advertising Create a resume. Create a brochure or flyer.
Accounting Balance your checkbook. Run QuickBooks (or some system).
Collections Get and cash your paycheck. Bill the customer, collect payment.
Customer Service Do great work for the boss. Do great work for the customer.
Communications Speak, write, and interact. Speak, write, and interact.
Learning Continuous: school, formal training, on-the-job, friends and family. Continuous: conferences, competition, employees, customers.
Change You must change; it’s the only constant in life. You must change; it’s the only constant in business.

Get the point?  They are pretty much the same things!  In today’s world of work, there is little or no difference between the activities of an employee or those of an employer.